Discovering one’s “Islands of Normality”

Discovering one’s “Islands of Normality”


These are the stories of a competition - theemotion of victory, the tears of defeat, and something more. Kids who have made their first small discoveries about life – the responsibility of being part of a team, the euphoria of contributing to the joint success, the value of triumph, the generosity of reaching out a hand to your rival.

This is about sports being a part of home, family, and school – educating and protecting, and for some – even being a rescue or a springboard to success with a capital S.

This is a film by the director Anton Radoslavov and the operator Bozhidar Simeonov, produced by “Razvitie”.

It outlines the bits of our lives which often remain unnoticed and neglected, and it shows us one of all possible ways. A film about our present and future, about all who dare to discover their “Islands of Normality”.

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