2018 – the year of “Razvitie”

2018 – the year of “Razvitie”


In 2018 “Razvitie” KDA marks the Corporation’s 25th Jubilee Anniversary. The ongoing dozens of events that will take place throughout the year fully represent the activities of “Razvitie” so far – economical, cultural, scientific, donating, all of them demonstrating patronage and philanthropy of the highest level.

In fact the jubilee program of the Corporation, with some insignificant exceptions, will not differ much from the previous years, during which “Razvitie” has been actively working on all the priorities stated above. Now they will just be further extended and upgraded.

In 2018 the program of the Corporation introduces a lot of sports and culture, scientific symposiums, donation campaigns, charity social events.

The 25th Anniversary coincides with the 10th jubilee edition of the contest for unpublished Bulgarian novel “Razvitie”. This one-of-a-kind contest in Bulgaria marked one of its highest achievements in 2017, when the 9-th edition winner Ina Vultchanova won also the European Union Prize for Literature with her novel “The Crack-Up Island”. Ina will take part in one of the Corporation’s cultural events – the novel “The Crack-Up Island” will be introduced jointly with the European Commission in Sofia.

This year the founder of the contest and the General Manager of “Razvitie” Alexander Alexandrov has announced a new prize fund to commemorate the Anniversary. The winner who will become known in the beginning of May will get 12 thousand leva, and in addition there is a special award of 7 thousand leva, and the organizers have also announced that they would publish 10 novels recommended by the Jury.

“Razvitie” has entrusted to the Economics and International Relations Institute (EIRI) the task of organizing two scientific symposiums, the first of which concerning the increasingly significant and important subject to our country – the accession to the Eurozone. The current working title of the forum is “The way of Bulgaria to the Eurozone” and it will gather our leading economists, financiers, scientists, representatives of the institutions, guests from the European Commission and the European Parliament.

The second symposium is planned to take place in the end of 2018 and it will cover some important international topics that impact the development of our country.

“Razvitie” Corporation, which by tradition has been strongly and actively supporting the kids’ sports, has planned a number of major sports events. The second edition of the international volleyball tournament “Scouts League” is being organized and it will take place again in Burgas with the participation of the best kids volleyball teams from Bulgaria and abroad.

One of the main accents of the Anniversary year is related to volleyball – “Razvitie” has been the producer of a documentary film, directed by Anton Radoslavov, that follows the unique tournament in Europe “National volleyball scout league 2016/2017“. The film goes beyond the pure sports competition, bringing out the social aspects and the influence of sports on the development, raising, and socializing of children. “Islands of Normality” introduces possible solutions to many problems, and it also raises questions that need to be addressed and solved by our society.

A photo album with the most emotional and memorable moments from the scout league has been currently prepared.

There is also a lot of handball in the sports program of “Razvitie” (an attempt to revive that magnificent sport which is currently going through a crisis) – a big tournament for kids in Gabrovo is organized jointly with the Bulgarian Handball Federation.

King Football shall not be forgotten as well. The National Futsal League has been revived and sponsored by Razvitie Corporation. A futsal tournament for the Cup of Bulgaria has been planned with the financial aid of the insurance broker “Variant”. In Tryavna the Corporation will organize and support another football tournament for kids from the regional teams.

Looking for new challenges and confirming that the creative thinking and generation of ideas are of prime importance to the business, “Razvitie” explores through its insurance broker “Variant” and together with their partners new territories and activities that are unique for the country – insurance of cultural property and works of art.

Despite their large scale so far, the Corporation has been looking for ways to even widen its charity and donation activities. Several meetings in Dimitrovgrad (Tsaribrod, Serbia) have marked an active collaboration with the local cultural, sports, and educational institutions. In 2018 “Razvitie” plans literary readings, theatre shows, basketball and football tournaments, as well as donations of books and uniforms for the Primary School “Hristo Botev” in Dimitrovgrad.

The 25-year business entity has gained influence and history that surely deserve respect, as well as a certain dose of conservatism – of course in the term’s most positive and progressive aspect.

There are two events which fully symbolize that image of “Razvitie”. They are planned together with Sofia Opera, and their form and scale are still under consideration. The Corporation’s desire is to make a gift to its friends, partners, young musicians, and students - unforgettable experience in the world of opera music.

The glamour of the Jubilee Anniversary will reach its peak on 7th of June. “Razvitie” organizes a cocktail reception in the Ball Room of the King’s Palace (the National Art Gallery). But luxury and gilt for their own sakes are not the final goals – once again that event will be marked by charity. The Corporation’s management will kindly address all guests to make donations instead of gifts, which will be used for the main charity activities of “Razvitie” – the Foundation for support of kids sports “Play with Razvitie” and the Movement “Kids teach other kids how to make good deeds”. Once again supporting those activities in 2018 represent the contribution to our society by “Razvitie” KDA, which is inspired and full of optimism that it stands up not alone for this progressive and sustainable world philosophy.

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