“Razvitie” is a serious partner of BHF for the European Handball Competition for Girls

“Razvitie” is a serious partner of BHF for the European Handball Competition for Girls


“Razvitie” Corporation KDA and the “Play with Razvitie” Foundation will have a strong stake in organizing and holding the European Handball Championship for girls under the age of 19, which will take place in Varna from 12 to 21 July 2019-th.

After the discussions between the chief manager of “Razvitie”, Alexander Alexandrov and the leadership of BHF, a contract was signed under which the corporation and the foundation will combine efforts to support the international event.

Our national team will be fully equipped with sports equipment from the leader in sport consumables “KEMPA”, with the 21 athletes and coaches receiving three sets - one official, one for their spare time and one for training.

The contract ensures the participation of the two national teams - boys and girls up to 16 years of age – in the conclusion of the tournament. We recall that the boys were selected during the three day camp and and tournament for the regions, which was first tested in Gabrovo with the support of “Play with Razvitie”.

The aim of the foundation is to benefit the children's and teenage sports, which also includes passing the love and attachment to sport on to children. With their presence at the European Competition in Varna as spectators and volunteers in helping with the organisation and assisting during its runtime, our nationals - girls and boys, will have the opportunity to contact proven competitors from the elite of the Old Continent.

“Razvitie” provides the group of 41 athletes and coaches a stay in the elite sports complex “Aqualife” in Kranevo, where they will be accommodated and included in events accompanying the everyday life of the international teams, which will be carried out throughout this period.

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